Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kawhi Leonard is Still the Key for the Spurs

The Spurs fail to add Granger to their team but if Leonard plays like he did in last year’s NBA Finals it won’t matter.
The San Antonio Spurs are always involved in every trade or buyout rumor, but never can seem to actually get the player they want. Spur fans were excited about the possibility of landing Ex-Pacer Danny Granger, but he chose the bright lights of L.A. over humble San Antonio.

It seems that the Spurs team is set and they will have to make a push in the playoffs as currently constructed, but this team may be better equipped for a championship run than most think. The Spurs still have an ace up their sleeve and his name is Kawhi Leonard. His development has been stunted by injuries no doubt, but he has already shown the potential he has.... read the rest of the post and more from David Rountree follow the link to MVPTexas! 

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