Saturday, March 8, 2014

Longhorns Head Coach Charlie Strong: I'm All For Playing Texas A&M Again

Charlie Strong is in an enviable yet terrifying position. He is at the helm of one of the most historic franchises in college football history with deep, deep pockets at his disposal. At the same time, that means he is going to have not just the eyes of Texas upon on him, but the nation.

Everyone is going to be watching him and his every move so when he says he's all for playing longtime rival Texas A&M again people are going to take notice.

No need to get up in arms yet Texas (or Texas A&M) fans. He's not actively pushing for the game, but is just recognizing the tradition and value of it.
"When there's been so much tradition there, you'd like to see it continue on. That's my feeling on it. I'd love to play it."
Strong understands that what it will take is the two respective ADs getting together and hashing things out. Former Texas AD DeLoss Dodds saw it as a possibility after the schedule opens up again in 2018.  
Texas A&M senior associate AD Jason Cook talked about a scenario last November where the two meet again that both teams and fans would be pretty happy to see-- in the college football playoffs.
Fans of both schools balk at the notion and say they have no desire to see the game happen again, but its that intense hatred that makes this game a must in the near/distant future. All the classic elements of a rivalry still exists between the two schools and their fan bases.
The only thing missing is a definitive way for one to claim superiority over the other. Fans can argue all they want and claim they don't want the game and hate the idea, but what Longhorn/Aggie would not would not be chomping at the bit to have an actual reason to gloat over the other?
If/when the rivalry is reborn the two schools should follow a suggestion Strong has that would make it even better.
" it in a neutral site somewhere, where every year it's in that spot, whether it's Houston or Dallas," Strong said.
That would turn the game in to more of an event than it already was back when it was active; like if the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras were combined.
And who doesn't like the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras?

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