Sunday, March 2, 2014

Missouri Quarterback Trent Hostick Comes to the Rescue of Duo in Flipped Truck

In case you were not aware or happen to be in one of those really nice warm weathers states that consider cold to be anything below 60 degrees--this winter has sucked. Those living in the Midwest can't see spring and summer come soon enough; not just so the kids can play outside again but so the streets can be safe to drive.

Road conditions have been horrible at times this winter and they were once again in Missouri this past weekend where Mizzou quarterback Trent Hosick witnessed a truck flip over on the freeway.


Most folks would have stopped and called 911, but Hostick is not like most folks. Rather than leave the two people inside he took actions in to his own hands.

Hosick has yet to play for the Tigers, but even if he never does he has already proven one thing. He's the kind of young man that the university should be proud to call its own.

Well done young man. Well done indeed.

[H/T Yahoo]

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