Thursday, March 13, 2014

Next on Twitter Wars--Seahawks DB Richard Sherman vs. Redskins DB DeAngelo Hall!

Thank you Twitter. Thank you for providing athletes with the means to virtually speak their minds before they have the chance to think about what their typing and hit delete. Without you we would not have some of the greatest slips, goofs, pictures, admissions, and tantrums that athletes and celebs have given us.

Oh--and we wouldn't have wonderful little catfights in 140 characters or less between two of the NFL's finest defensive backs--Seattle's Richard Sherman and Washington's DeAngelo Hall.

via Twitter
How this thing got started is a mystery to me, but it did and we get to reap the benefits of it. What benefits you ask? Come on! We have two of the best defensive backs acting like little school kids calling each other names and telling 'your mama jokes.'

What's not to love? it is starting with Sherman's part:

And DeAngelo Hall's part:


Thanks for the amusing distraction guys. Now if only the season started tomorrow instead of in months....

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