Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nick Foles May Soon Have the Best Job Security in the NFL

Nick Foles exploded on to the scene last season completing 64 percent of his passes for just under 2900 yards, 27 touchdowns, and two interceptions. After a season like that you would think that he should feel pretty secure in his job, right? Yeah, but if history has shown us anything its that players are always a play away or a bad game from riding the bench--especially if his back-up is pretty good.

In light of some recent events it appears that the only thing that will knock Foles out of the game is a serious injury. The team is about to sign the best job security a quarterback could ever have.

From Bleacher Report
Mark Sanchez. Yes, that Mark Sanchez.

Why anyone would want to pick Sanchez up and risk actually having to use him is a mystery. Over the course of his four seasons (not counting last season since he didn't play) he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns (69 to 68), has career completion percentage of just 55.1 percent (that's pretty bad), and a career rating of 71.7 (also pretty bad).

Chip Kelly is a pretty smart guy so if he thinks he can make something out of Sanchez than all the power to him, but the move has to make you wonder what the team's plans are for young Matt Barkley.

It's an interesting move for sure, but one the rest of the NFC East is hoping the Eagles will make.

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