Thursday, March 20, 2014

PHOTO: Arian Foster and Johnny Manziel Take in the Rockets/Timberwolves Game

This is going to be the most overanalyzed photo for the immediate future--the current starting running back of the Houston Texans and the man many would like to see as the future starting quarterback of the Texans.

Arian Foster and Johnny Manziel.


What better way to get in to the mind of young Johnny Football than to have him hang out with the philosophical thinker of the Texans, Arian Foster? With the team in dire need of making the smartest decision possible in the coming draft you know they are going to kick every tire possible.

Or it could very well be just two guys watching a basketball game. But...Foster is a diehard Lakers fan; he could be supporting the home team....

But why is Manziel tagging along? Is he trying to feel Foster out to see how interested the Texans are in him (not that Bill O'Brien is looking to Foster for advice)?

Maybe these guys became fast friends when they met...where did they meet? Or have they met?

What do you think conspiracy theorists? Let's hear it!

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