Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PHOTO: Jameis Winston Signs Florida Hat With 'Go 'Noles! 37-7'

For star players there is a danger to trash talking. Come off a little too strong and folks will just assume you are being an arrogant SOB. If you do it right though everyone walks away happy and might even get a good laugh out of it.

Just like in this case when a Florida Gator fan asked Jameis Winston for an autograph.

WTF? A Gator wants a Seminoles autograph? And on his Florida hat? Is he trying to be funny or something? He probably is trying to be funny (but in a good-natured way), and just wants an autograph from one off the biggest names in college football right now.


It's also understandable that when Winston signed it he added a little something extra to it:

Awesome. Well played by both parties.

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