Sunday, March 23, 2014

PHOTO: Maybe DeSean Jackson Ain't So Bad After All; Takes Little Kid Without a Dad Toy Shopping

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver (for now...) Desean Jackson gets blasted a lot for his me-first attitude and caring more about his rap career than his football one (guilty). It appears now that there is a lot more to Jackson; it just doesn't get publicized (because controversy sells so much better than niceness).

Sunday afternoon Jackson posted the above pic to his Instagram account with the following message:
Great Sunday !! Took this kid shopping !! father wasn't in his Life & mother playing both roles !! The father & the mother !! Helping our youth !! Motivation
Does this sort of thing absolve him for his faults as a professional? Absolutely not, but what it does do is show that as a man he's a good dude.

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