Sunday, March 2, 2014

Richie Incognito Checking in to a Treatment Facility a Stunt or is he Really Getting Help?

Life has certainly gone south for former NFL offensive lineman Richie Incognito over the last year. The 30-year has cultivated a reputation for being dirty on the field, but people can look past that as long as it helps the team win games. Bullying one of his teammates though? Nope.

So he's gone from well paid professional athlete to national pariah--yeah, I can see where that may cause some to feel the need for professional help. However, I can't help but wonder if Incognito checking in to a treatment facility in Arizona was more PR trick than anything else.


Let's review the events leading up to him admitting himself to a treatment facility in Arizona:
  • the bullying case has been hanging over him for months and with the recently released report detailing his actions he got a chance to relive them from the outside looking in.
  • his Ferrari was found busted up by bat
  • he admits to causing the damage himself because he needed to vent and that his once awesome car was going to be donated to charity; more specifically to help the brotherhood (just not sure what brotherhood)
The next thing we know he is checking himself in to a facility due to the mental stress and now we are hearing about how much mental anguish he has been under the whole time over the whole sordid mess.

We've seen this game before people. Something nasty becomes public about a public figure. Said public figure rolls with the punches for awhile, but when he realizes it isn't going to go away--that he is going to have trouble continuing his career--action has to be taken to sway public opinion.

What do people like more than a reclamation project? We love it when figures fall, hit rock bottom, are reborn new and pure, and than rise again.,

So is this a stunt or is it legit?

Well, if you believe what TMZ Sports is reporting it doesn't sound like s stunt. According to the popular tabloid site he tried to leave shortly after checking himself in, but since this is something that he has been talking about doing people (TMZ does not specify who) sprang to action and got an involuntary commitment order.

Wait--there's more.

A story in the Miami Herald paints a picture of a paranoid Incognito that called people saying that he was being followed by government and NFL investigators. He also thought that his agent was actually a 'double agent' trying to end his career.

Yeah, that doesn't sound too good--but if you are really skeptical both stories site unnamed sources (basically meaning there is no way to confirm what they are saying).

If he does actually need help I hope he gets it. If he doesn't--well, his career lasted a lot longer than most offensive lineman (because it's over man).

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