Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tony Parker Redefines Travelling--But Doesn't Get Called For It [GIF]

When you are a pretty popular guy--like San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker--it is understandable that you might get out of tickets or a free drink or two. But not get a call for travelling when he takes the amount of steps he does here?

I'm a fan of the Spurs and all but come on now--this is a little ridiculous.


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  1. He didn't travel, his left foot stays stationary, then turns left, pump fakes - his planted foot slides a bit on that, then avoids a collision by ducking down beneath the defender and leads the shot off his right foot. Good call refs!

    1. That must be it--although from this its hard to tell for certain (in my opinion) . So in that case a non call is definitely right.

  2. As a San Antonio Spurs fan I think it's right to tell someone(if they must haven't known) this basketball team does mostly everything from a fundamental state. With that being said, it shouldn't be known as a non-call since there wasn't a call to be made in the first place. As you made it known, Tony Parker is a popular guy/point guard who is famous for his versatile inside moves to the rack. He obviously came in a spinning motion with his left then right foot, pivoting his left for an up and under move with his right. It's that simple.