Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vincent Jackson Takes 400 Members of the Military to Tampa Bay Lightning Game for the Second Year in a Row

During the off-season we here a lot about the NFL players getting in trouble, demanding higher salaries, or just being male divas. It's understandable--controversy is more interesting. From time to time though it is nice to hear about the work the good guys are doing--especially when it involves doing something for the men and women of the Armed Forces.

Like Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson recently did.

via SportsBros
Jackson, a longtime supporter of the Armed Forces, did his part to give members of the military and their families a night out Monday by buying 400 tickets to the Tampa Bay Lightning game that night.

Pretty nice, right? But nothing special since anyone that makes millions a year to play a game can afford it, right?

For some guys buying the tickets would be enough, but not for Jackson. He was at the game acting as the home team's social captain. Along with being on the ice for the national anthem, he greeted the team as they took the ice, and took plenty of pictures in the stands with fans.

Yeah, for a guy like him he could have easily just spent the money and left it at that, but instead he went the extra mile and donated something that made the night one fans will never forget--his time.

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