Sunday, March 23, 2014

Was North Carolina Robbed on Final Play of the Game Against Iowa State?

When Iowa State guard DeAndre Kane made a go-ahead basket late in the game Sunday the Tar Heels were not sweating it--when you are well coached and chock full of play makers that's how you react. Even though there was next to no time left there still was time left.

So they tried to get one last play off, but appeared to run out of time--or did they?


This was kind of a strange way to end the game. It appears that the clock was actually a little late to start after the inbound pass. Nate Britt did exactly what he was supposed to do and shot past the half court line before calling time out.

But no one stopped the clock. Instead time ran out making Iowa State the winner.

WTF, right?

The refs huddled, talked about it, and called the game without putting anytime back on the clock for UNC.

Was it the right call? It appears that there was close to a second left when timeout was called, but was the clock wrong?

It will be interesting to hear what the NCAA has to say about this one.

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