Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WATCH: Detroit Red Wings Forward Daniel Alfredson Picks Up His Teeth After Taking a High Stick to the Mouth

People that don't watch hockey have probably heard about the toughness of the guys in the NHL, but don't know exactly how tough these guys are. For a good example take a look at the night that Detroit Red Wings forward Daniel Alfredson had against New Jersey.

What is he doing you ask? The man is picking up his teeth after taking a hit to the mouth.

The guilty party is Devils center Andrei Loktionov who lost his balance and whacked Alfredson with his stick. What's cool about the whole incident is that after he picked up his teeth the man finished the game!

His team lost 4-3, but he continued playing. How many athletes in other sports would do that after losing teeth?

[H/T HoldOutSports]

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