Monday, March 10, 2014

WATCH: Oklahoma Sooners Go Mano y Mano in Spring Practice Tug-o-War

The Oklahoma Sooners under Bob Stoops have been one of the better college football programs in the nation for years. Like the other top programs in the country they have their eyes set on being one off the first four teams selected to compete in the inaugural season of the College Football Playoffs.

First things first--got put the work in.

Part of that work is making sure that each and every player has the right mentality; the never say die, I just kicked my man's ass because I can kind of attitude. That is something that a player has to have to some degree on his own so that coaches can develop it into the something championship worthy.

How do they do that?

Every coach is going to have his own way. One of the ways the Sooners are doing is via something pretty simple and basic; a test of wills, strength, and good ole fashioned 'I want it more!' determination

Otherwise known as the tug-o-war.

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