Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When Lindsey (Duke) Met Kelly (Hall) or When QB WAGs Unite! [PHOTOS]

Detroit Lions quarterback Mathew Stafford is a lot of fun to watch. So is future NFL quarterback Blake Bortles. As talented as these guys are there is something that is almost if not more fun to watch--their girlfriends.

The two lovely ladies happened to meet on a cruise down Mexico way--in bikinis of course.

As a blogger that wants more eyeballs on his website I consider it my duty to bring to you the evidence that these two wonderful WAGs have met.

Yes, I'm just coming up with any old excuse to post pics of women in bikinis. Don't hate. If you want to see more of Miss Duke or Miss Hall just follow the links (don't forget this one or this one).

[Pics all from Kelly Hall's Instagram Page]

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