Friday, April 18, 2014

Adreian Payne Honors Lacey Holsworth at Special Ceremony [VIDEO]

The story of Lacey Holsworth and Michigan State's Adreian Payne was one of the best and definitely the most touching of the March Madness Tournament. Her friendship with Payne was inspiring to say the least and when she lost her battle with cancer at the tender age of eight the news was--well, just talking about it now is getting me all misty eyed.

A special ceremony was held in her honor at Michigan State Thursday night. From the sound of it I doubt there was  dry eye in the house.


If you are not familiar with the story, Lacey had nerve-cell cancer. She and Payne struck up a friendship one day when the team was visiting the hospital and the two remained pretty tight up until she passed (this ESPN post as more details).

As part of the ceremony Thursday he honored her with a silent dunk. If you never though a dunk could be sad--well, this one is.

Rest in peace Princess. Now excuse me as I go hug my kids nice and tight.

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