Sunday, April 6, 2014

Arian Foster Throws Out the Shaggy Defense: It Wasn't Me! (and it really wasn't)

Ask any politician, criminal defendant, or cheating spouse and they will all say tell you to do the same thing--deny, deny, deny! So when a woman posted a picture she took with Arian Foster Saturday night at a local bar he did just that.

But there is a big difference between Foster and the cheating spouses, criminals, and politicians--it really wasn't him.

The story is pretty amusing.

When Foster saw it he posted a rather nice reply:

To her credit she left the picture up and is just laughing it off--as she should. What is really great is that people have been kind of nice to her:

I'm sure there are some jerk-offs out there too, I was just surprised to see some nice ones (maybe they're friends; who knows).

This whole mess brings up one question--who'd she take the pic with? Who's the Arian Foster imposter? (okay, two questions)

Come forward man! The internet wants to know!

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