Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cardinals First Baseman Matt Adams Shoves Fan Who Catches Foul Ball; Fan Tells Him He's No. 1

When it comes to foul balls they are fair game as long as a fan does not have to reach beyond the wall to go after one. That's not to say that a player can't go after one that is hit in the stands, and they often do. So when Cardinals first basemen Matt Adams went after a ball in the first row we shouldn't be surprised.

His reaction when a fan made the catch instead of him was a little surprising.


I don't think Adams had a chance to catch the ball although since he was just trying to do his job so I get why he was a little frustrated when a fan got on is way. It doesn't look like he shoved him hard, but little did he know that the fan was fresh off of knee surgery so it didn't take much to knock him back in his seat.

It will be interesting to see if the league office has anything to say about it.

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