Saturday, April 26, 2014

Clippers Star DeAndre Jordan Responds to Team Owner's Racial Comments With Instagram Picture [PHOTO]

To be fair to DeAndre Jordan and not put words in his mouth he has not said anything about the racist comments by team owner Donald Sterling. He has not commented on social media about them either. So saying his recent picture on Instagram is a reponse to Sterling is just an assumption.

A good assumption? I'll let you decide.

Here it is:

To put it in to context (and in case you haven't heard) the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was recently caught on tape telling his girlfriend--who happens to be Hispanic and African American--that he doesn't want her bringing any black people to his games or for her to even associate with black people.

The comments are pretty bad:

So assuming that his picture is in response to Sterling's remarks you have to give Jordan a lot of credit for not saying what a lot of people are thinking and saying.

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