Saturday, April 5, 2014

Could Champ Bailey Be a Waste of Money for the Saints?

The New Orleans Saints have signed one of the best cornerbacks in recent history in former Denver Broncos DB Champ Bailey. Over the next two years he is set to make $7 million. He was set to make $9 million next season had he remained in Denver.

So is he a bargain or prime bust material?


His track record is one of the best in the league, but as far as net season goes it is a matter of what can he still do and not what he’s done. At 35 and coming off an injury that held him to just five games last season. When he did play he was nothing quite like the Champ of old.

Is a little surgery and some rehab all he needed? Can he bounce back?

Those are of course questions that can’t be answered till the pads come back on. There is no doubt that he knows how to do everything that the Saints would like from a DB, but the sad fact is that eventually Father Time catches up with the best.

Then again, there have been a number of players that continue to thrive long in to their 30’s.

I suppose we’ll get a better idea of what the Saints want from him come draft time. Should the team look for help in the defensive backfield early in the draft it would not be surprising to see Champ’s role reduced to reserve/unofficial coach.

But if some of his experience and savvy can run off on the other defensive backs his salary will be well worth it. 

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