Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Did Texas A&M Pull the Rivalry Prank of all Rivalry Pranks on the Texas Longhorns?

The rivalry on the game field has been done and over with for two years now, and it doesn't look like it is going to be revived anytime soon. That doesn't mean the rivalry between the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies has gone away.

In fact, in light of what may be a masterful prank by some Aggies it my may be as strong as ever.


The state flower of Texas is the bluebonnet so it is not unusual to see them growing all over the place--especially a college campus like the University of Texas. However, there appears to be something rather unique about ones that are growing near the University of Texas tower.

They are maroon.

Hmmm....and Texas A&M wears maroon....

According to Markus Hogue--Texas program coordinator for irrigation and water conservation--the seeds had to be planted a few years ago (hmmm....Texas A&M left the conference a couple years ago).

But that's not all--it's going to get worse.

"It's definitely going to get worse. They are going to keep multiplying," Hogue said. "It is just a weird coincidence that the only place that we have them on campus that we know of is right by the tower."

It's important to note that there is no proof that anyone from or involved with Texas A&M had anything to do with the maroon bluebonnets. Although it sure is suspicious when genetically altered flowers show up and your rival happens to be an agricultural school.

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  1. A&M developed the maroon bluebonnet approximately 13-14 years ago . I am a horticulturist and the Botanic garden I worked at then was asked to trial them . They ARE beautiful but as to the prankster????????????????

    1. I haven't heard anything additional on the story other than what you mentioned. Maybe it was just coincidence if the strain has been around so long. You have to admit though, if it was/is a prank its a damn good one.

  2. Is it really a good prank if no one's even sure it's a prank?

    1. Absolutely! The culprits--if there sre any--can sit back and laugh there butts off as folks wonder knowing you'll never get caught if no one brags.