Thursday, April 10, 2014

Does Yankees Pitcher Michael Pineda Have Pine Tar On His Hand? [PHOTO]

This does not bode well for the New York Yankees and Michael Pineda. During the broadcast of Thursday's Red Sox/Yankees game it appeared that Pineda--New York's starting pitcher--had a foreign substance on his hand. From the screen grab you can see that he definitely has something there.

If you believe the Red Sox broadcast team it could be pine tar.


Whether it is pine tar or not, it is a foreign substance and having it on his hand while he's pitching is likely going to get him in trouble. Here's a closer look at the substance in question:

Someone must have finally said something to him because the substance was gone around the fifth inning. What will be interesting to see is how MLB acts from here. Someone hinky was going on, but without catching red handed--physically, not via pictures--can they punish him?

I'm not nearly as familiar with how baseball investigates issues like this so I'll be interested to see what happens next (if anything).

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