Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Former Jacksonville Linebacker Russell Allen Had a Stroke During a Game Last Season

Guys get hurt all the time playing football. They break bones, suffer painful bruises, bleed from cuts, tear muscles and ligaments, and suffer all sorts of sprains. Sometimes the accumulation of those injuries can cause lifelong discomfort or even make a player retire.

In the case of former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Russell Wilson an injury he suffered could have killed him.

Allen was cut from the team late last week, and in Tuesday's edition of MMQB Robert Klemko tells
us why. During Week 15's game against the Buffalo Bills last season Allen suffered a stroke when he and Bills center Eric Wood collided.
“It was strange because it was so routine,” Allen says. “We hit, I got off the block, no big deal. I felt something flash—like they say when you get your bell rung. I didn’t lose consciousness. I walked back to the huddle and finished the drive.”
The man not only finished the drive, but he finished the game.


As a result of the stroke he suffered on that hit there is now a dead spot on his cerebellum. With something like that there is no way that he can ever play again.

From the sound of thie article (great read by the way) he didn't do anything wrong so you can't chalk it up to poor technique. If there was something wrong with his equipment we would have heard about it by now as well.

It's a sobering tale that Klemko tells, but there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. His five year football career is over, but he's still alive.

Best of luck to you and your family Russell Allen.

[H/T to MMBQ]

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