Friday, April 18, 2014

Giants Punter Steve Weatherford 'Tackling' Prom With New Jersey Teen

An annual event is taking place or preparing to take place across the country for high school students. No, its not figuring out what school they are going to or whose party to hit up graduation night. It's prom time. That also means we are going to have kids asking some of their favorite celebs if they will go with them.

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford was recently asked to go by a Jersey teen.

Lauren Delbert sent Weatherford a tweet with the above picture. Like many teens she probably did so hoping to hear from him, but not expecting to. After all, he is a veteran football player with well over 100,000 followers. It's impossible to see everything let along reply to them.

But he did see Lauren's tweet--and he replied:

Most of the time you see the young players or superstars getting hit up by fans--not punters. Weatherford is a little bit older (31); something he's having a little fun with:

And I bet some of the teachers are going to be real glad to see him there.


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