Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kansas State Football Proves There is a Force For Good in the World [VIDEO]

The sports-related news on Saturday was pretty much dominated by the racist remarks that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been accused of saying and the basketball loving world commenting on them. So yeah--there has been a lot of pretty negative stuff generated today.

That makes this scene during Kansas State's pregame even more important.

The running back in the above GIF is not a really small player or someone that has mastered running low to the ground. No, it is eight year old Kaiden Schroeder--a lifelong Wildcats fans who happens to be battling leukemia.

During the game the team decided to give the little man the thrill of a lifetime--running for a touchdown during a simulated game. It may not be much in the big picture, but the smile that it brought to face of young Kaiden had to be absolutely priceless.

Regretfully the alleged racists and real racists of the world are going to get more press than something like this, but that's because the world loves drama just a little too much. At the same time the world needs things like this to remind us that there are a lot of great things and great stories out there.

We just have to want to see them, hear them, and read about them.

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