Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury and the Rest of College Football's Dancing Fools (I mean coaches) [GIFs]

Texas Tech head coach Ryann Gosseling--I mean Kliff Kingsbury--has been all over the World Wide Web lately talking about flirtatious moms and busting out some dance moves. Flirting has likely been a tactic that many young coaches have used in the past, but the dance moves--that's a recent phenomenon.

One that appears to be here to stay.

Kliff isn't the only coach to bust a move at practice. Last season James Franklin did the Carlton at practice.

As surprising as it may seem even Nick Saban has taken a turn on the dance floor before (I have no idea if the recruit picked Alabama). 

Maybe now that he has Lane Kiffin on staff he can leave the groovin' to him.

I can't stop watching how No. 2 reacts to Rich Rodriguez popping and locking.

Jerry Kill had some health issues last season, but that didn't stop him from dropping in after a big game and getting low.

 No talk of dancing coaches would be complete without mentioning Mike Gundy.

While it is mostly the young guys that are getting in to this dance craze Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer proves that all you need is soul to be able to shake your tail feather.

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