Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury Would Be Willing to do the Bachelor If....

So many of the women I know tell me that Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury is a good looking guy (I don't see it; too skinny). They told me when they heard Case Keenum was promoting the idea that Kingsbury go on the Bachelor they would sign up in a heart beat for that season (although I think one or two just want to chill in that huge mansion).

When they hear that he is actually interested in doing the show if a couple stipulations can be met I think a couple of them are going to scream.

So what are the stipulations? He wants to be involved in the selection process and the show needs to be based out of Lubbock.

That's all--and if the show is smart they will pursue him and try to make it happen.

I will admit--I watch (my wife makes me). They do the same thing each and every season and its getting stale. Yeah, the last few seasons they started globe trotting, but that is starting to get stale.

Why not base it out of Lubbock? or New York? or New Orleans? They may not have mansions, but there are some pretty awesome ranches out in Lubbock (penthouses in NYC; I've only been to bars in New Orleans so I don't know).

What do you say Bachelor executives? Can you make it happen?


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  1. He should never ever do the Bachelor. He would grow to regret it. He is a leader and role model and that show, with camera following you, has a way of stripping away a man's dignity. He has mystery about him now. No longer after that. It would be bad for him and the Texas Tech athletic program.

    1. So true. It would be a huge boost for the show, but not him or the school.