Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Matter How Investigation Pans Out Colin Kaepernick Loses

The internet was taken by storm last week when reports began to circulate that Colin Kaepernick was possibly involved in a sexual assault. According to those early reports it didn't look good for ole Kap either. However, as the story begins to unfold it appears that with the exception of hanging out with some guys smoking pot (and possibly using himself) he legally hasn't done anything wrong.

But in the end he is still going to lose.

via Buzzfeed
The NFL is starting to take perception very serious these days. You can say that it has always been a concern, but if that was the case Ray Lewis would have never had a career and Michael Vick would be an afterthought.

Concern over criminal behavior--i.e. Aaron Hernandez-- in the NFL has forced teams to take notice and act. Desean Jackson was cut for being hard to work with and due to concern the company he kept was going to get him in trouble. In the end the perception was that his me-first attitude was the real issue, but teams work with prima donnas all the time.

Why should he be any different as long as he produces (and he was)?

As exciting a player as he is the 49ers now have reason to be concerned about Kaepernick. The drug connection is being overlooked in the media, but the organization probably hasn't done so. Assuming that he is not charged with anything he is still going to look like a guy that was in a questionable moral position.

At least that is what the team is going to tell him when they say they want to wait till next off-season to negotiate his contract extension.

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