Thursday, April 17, 2014

Peyton Manning Made $4200 a Minute to Talk to Oklahoma State Crowd

Peyton Manning knows a thing or two about how to lead and motivate a team. After all the years in college and the pros he has had a little bit of practice. So it makes sense that people might want him to come talk about things like leadership (and stuff like that).

Recently he gave such a speech to an Oklahoma State crowd--and it was the easiest $105K he ever made.

via Twitter
He spoke for 25 minutes so that comes out to $4200/minute.

From what I've heard the speech was about being a game changer and a pretty good one at that. For the price tag the OSU Student Government Association Speaker’s Board paid for him I'd sure as heck hope so.

Incidentally--if anyone's interested I'd be happy to take just $42 a minute; or a few boxes of Star Crunches.

[Busted Coverage]

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  1. Omaha Omaha, Hurry Hurry, The football got snapped in a flurry...