Monday, April 28, 2014

The 'F*ck Brooklyn' T-Shirts are Classic [PHOTO]

This is the kind of thing that helps make a good rivalry. Remember when the Toronto Raptors GM gave a little speech at a pep rally and uttered something a little profane in regards to the Brooklyn Nets? It appears that some enterprising individual decided to print up some rather catchy t-shirts.

The question is who.

via Nets Daily
Yes, sports fans, the very statement that cost the Raptors GM $25K is a t-shirt. According to @NetsDaily the shirt was made up by someone in the Toronto front office and distributed shortly after Masai Ujiri made his supposedly spontaneous comment making it sound as if the Raptors printed them.

A Raptors fan says that was not the case at all.

Here's where it gets good. The two started to troll each other in spectacular fashion:

Awesome. It is worth pointing out that the Raptors did not print the shirts. This was a fan-oriented thing which appeared to be the most civil exchange these guys had:

The source really isn't important at all. What is important is that we have evidence that one of the greatest things in sports is being created--a rivalry (or at the least a damn good series).

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