Saturday, April 5, 2014

Unofficial Chicago Cubs Mascot Billy Cub Slugs Fan That Takes His Head Off [VIDEO]

Billy Cub is an unofficial mascot for the Chicago Cubs. He's not affiliated with the team in any way, but just a large bear in a Cubs jersey that fans can take pictures with. What they shouldn't do is sneak up behind him and take his head off.

It might anger him.


For some stupid reason this kid decided it was a good idea to take Billy Cub's head. The guy wearing the suit was not amused. What is amusing is that security manhandles the kid while Billy appears to go about his business.

As it turns out this was likely the best hit by a Cub on the day. The team did manage to get 10 off of Pirates pitchers, but none led to runs (Pirates won 2-0).


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