Saturday, April 19, 2014

Will 49ers LB Aldon Smith be on the No Fly List?

It remains to be seen how the NFL is going to deal with 49ers LB Aldon Smith after his recent transgression. Charges have not been filed yet for claiming he had a bomb when going through airport security in LA recently. The league still could have something to say since he's a repeat offender and still embarrassed the heck out of the league.

But that's not the only possible punishment he could face--there's the 'no fly list.'

He claimed he had a bomb; that's a pretty big no no. Is it enough to get him banned from flying?

No--and the reason is absolutely awesome:

Aldon Smith is NOT on the TSA’s official “No Fly List” after his false bomb arrest — with one law enforcement source telling us, “The no-fly list is for terrorists, not idiots.”

Go ahead--laugh your ass off.


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