Wednesday, May 28, 2014

49ers DE Lawrence Okoye Ran Down CB Darryl Morris in Special Teams Drill

In the picture of two San Francisco 49ers below who would you think is the faster of the two on a football field? The 300+ pound guy on the left (Lawrence Okoye) or the much smaller defensive back on the right (Darryl Morris)?

According to what happened during OTAs Wednesday the answer may surprise you.

According to several reports on the 49ers practice Wednesday the huge dude on the left may be the faster of the two. It seems that during a special teams drill Morris was returning kicks. Now Morris probably runs the fastest 40-yard dash on the team (4.3), but the former British Olympian (Okoye) is no schmuck in that department either (4.78).

With that kind of difference you would still think that Morris would easily beat Okoye on the field--right?

Not so fast. During a kick return/coverage drill Okoye had no trouble handling Morris. From what head coach Jim Harbaugh said after practice the guys loved it:
“The fellas liked that,” Harbaugh said. “That was one of the high points of practice, watching Lawrence run down on the kickoff. He’s been doing that for us. He’s a big guy and he can run. Like a lot of guys, trying to find their spot, trying to find their role. And that’s a place he can work in right now. It would be fun to watch, wouldn’t it? A 300-and-however-many-pound guy running down on the kickoffs. I’d love to see it.”
Can you imagine a guy like that lining up as a gunner on punt team? Easily a return man's worst nightmare!


(If anyone finds video of Okoye putting Morris to shame please send me the link!)

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