Monday, May 5, 2014

49ers Legend Joe Montana in Trouble With the FBI?

Joe Montana is a legend. The former 49ers quarterback will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. There is only one thing that might--and I mean might--tarnish the glow around Joe's halo--scandal.

You know, the kind that brings the FBI around asking questions.

Joe Montana has been questioned by authorities in connection with the sting operation that brought down state Senator Leland Yee and Chinatown gang leader Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow on arms trafficking and money laundering charges.

How Montana is connected is a mystery of course and the judge wants it that way. The judge has issued a protective order to keep the attorneys involved from disclosing any evidence to the public.

"It's important that people who are innocently involved are not subjected to undue speculation," Breyer said in open court April 17.

When it comes to some of our favorite heroes that just doesn't happen though. There hasn't been any evidence unearthed that implicates Montana, but it appears that he was questioned. The FBI will not say what about or how Montana is involved in the investigation.

Or if he even is.

"I wouldn't be able to confirm or deny that interaction," said FBI spokesman Peter Lee.

 Montana's lawyer claims that Joe has not been contacted by anyone.

So is there any reason to be concerned about San Francisco's favorite son? It's hard to tell. Since retiring he has dabbled in development deals so it could be that one of them was being used as a laundering operation and he is an unwilling and unknowing participant.

Because there is no way that Joe Montana would be involved in anything dirty on purpose (my inner child that grew up watching him shred my Cowboys will not allow it).


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  1. Sounds more like your inner child is HOPING for a reason for Joe's reputation to be tarnished. Pathetic.

  2. U know what they say. where theirs smoke theirs fire.
    Jeffery Spangler

    1. Did you mean, "where THERE IS smoke, THERE IS fire?....or where there's smoke, there's fire?? Their is a possessive use referring to someone specific..."my neighbor has a car...their car is red".

    2. You must be a very busy person.

    3. Mike Lewis "internet patrol". Must use proper spelling and meanings of words.....OR ELSE!!!! Get a life loser!

    4. Sorry - with Mike on this. This isn't simply a typo, it's butchering a common idiom. If you don't know the difference between theirs and there's - don't use them. Just completely, completely different words....

  3. Ugh why do I read stupid blogs with absolutely no valid information to them?!? Just thinking out loud like a loser, because losers read gibberish.

  4. Sometimes it seems some people get great pleasure in trying to taint the image of the few people some of us can look up to. Joe is the best on and off the field with a big heart. I pray that the rumors fade soon and he is left to be remembered for his great heart and ability. Have a great day 49er fans!