Sunday, May 18, 2014

49ers Linebacker Aldon Smith Needs to Take Off His Blinders

After the way the last year has gone for 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith it is easy to see why some folks might look at him as just another thug. He's been arrested for driving drunk, was stabbed at a party where two other people were shot, is facing three felony weapons charges, made a bomb threat in an airport--yeah, it doesn't look good for Aldon.

But according to him he's a good guy and folks are only getting half the story.

In a recent interview Smith expressed a desire to be viewed as the good person that he is and thinks that the negative view that many people hold is because they don't know the whole story (via CSNBayArea):
“Maybe after this is over, you can tell your friends I’m a good person. Anybody who hangs around me can tell that. A lot of these things are being painted in a picture that’s not true.

Hmm...that's an interesting way to say it--painted in a picture that is not true. It kind of sounds like he's trying to say he's misunderstood; that the issues that have plagued him are not his fault. Before we dismiss him as another self indulgent athlete that has no idea what it means to take responsibility lets take a look at the whole picture.

The assault weapons that were found when police came to the party he was stabbed at were purchased legally in Arizona, but when he brought them back to California he didn't get the 'bullet button' that's required.

Not the behavior of a thug--just forgetful.

Making a bomb threat in an airport is pretty bad, but he claims that the word 'bomb' never left his mouth. Okay--but he still caused a ruckus in the airport because he was selected for further screening at a security check point.

Not thuggish--just foolish.

As for the stabbing and the  DUI--he's young, famous, and rich. He's going to party. When that happens sometimes the wrong people are going to come with/without your knowledge. Sometimes when you party you drink too much.

Neither makes you a thug.

I'm inclined to agree with Smith when he says that people are not seeing the whole picture, but its not because they aren't seeing the truth. The truth is actually pretty simple.

He's an idiot--but no more of an idiot than the rest of us when we were in our early twenties.

Everyone makes mistakes--especially when young like Smith. When we look back at them now we can honesty say that we were acting like idiots when we made them.  Now imagine if you had more money than you knew what to do with when you were at your most idiotic age.

How do you think things would have gone?

Does this mean we should excuse Smith's behavior? Absolutely not. He needs to be punished for his transgressions so he can learn a lesson--just like the rest of us.

So Smith may be eager for the truth to come out, but hopefully he sees it too so it will actually mean something.


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  1. How about when he used those guns and fired them into the air to end the party where he was stabbed at? Since you like semantics and finding excuses for Aldon...

    Not a thug -- just a little drunk

    Actually that is pretty thuggish behavior and so is getting aggressive and causing trouble at an airport, so it makes him a thug and a fool.

    1. I disagree.

      I think you would have liked my original idea with this article--Aldon Smith: Good, Bad, or an Idiot? The idea was to present the scenario and let the reader decided, but as I wrote it I opted to go with my own conclusion.

      When I think thuggish bx I think of Aaron Hernandez--someone with malicious intent to what he did. If he had that he would have fired at the perps in the crowd rather than in the air to get everyone to clear out (so they couldn't get hurt).

      The airport thing was just plain stupid, but if he wanted to actually get aggressive he could have. Was he moronic? Absolutely--not unlike countless actors and musicians.

      Harry Connick Jr tried to get a gun through airport security. Is he a thug?

      I'm not excusing anything that he's done. I'm just not writing him off yet. He certainly isn't good like he think nor would I say he is bad (thug) like you think. He's just an idiot that doesn't know how to behave.

      Hopefully he will get the punishment he deserves and learn from it so he doesn't become a thug.