Monday, May 12, 2014

Andrew Luck Crashes Indianapolis Couple's Wedding Pics [PHOTO]

When it comes to your wedding day there are some things that every couple hopes for: whoever officiates it shows up (and lives through it), the food taste good, the DJ doesn't suck, the in-laws are not too annoying, the frat brother most likely to hit on your mom doesn't show up, and the wedding photos are awesome.

Thanks to a special wedding crasher the pics for one Indianapolis couple will be just that.


Madeline and Jason where having there pictures taken in downtown Indianapolis recently when they noticed someone walk by--Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. They asked Luck to take a pic and he happily agreed!

I have to say--that is pretty cool. Had Jack Bauer happened by when my wife and I were taking our pictures I would have definitely asked for a pic; might have even asked him to interrogate me in one.

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