Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Arian Foster Welching on a Bet?

Ever since Arian Foster returned to Twitter the Texans running back has caused a stir or two. It appears like he has also used it to meet up with some fellow video game enthusiasts; folks that love the popular cell phone game Fun Run.

According to TMZ he claimed to be the king, accepted a bet, but has yet to pay up.

Towards the end of April Foster proclaimed himself the Fun Run king on Twitter. A person going by Martyn--who happens to be the third ranked player of the game in the world--challenged Foster and proposed a bet which the running back appeared to accept.

The two have played a few times now--and Foster has yet to win. Martyn says Foster continues to challenge him, but has yet to pay up.

I'm going to guess that Foster just hasn't gotten to it yet. We are talking about a guy that sought out a person that thought she had taken a picture with him but had been tricked so that she could actually get a pic with him.

That doesn't sound like someone that is going to sweat a giving a fan a jersey over a Twitter bet.

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