Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Former Missouri WR Dorial Green-Beckham Thinking He Can Do Like Dez Bryant?

Dorial Green-Beckham had a really good season for the Missouri Tigers last season with 59 receptions for 883 yards and 12 touchdowns. It is the kind of production that gives NFL teams reason to pay attention to what he does next season--but is it enough for them to go ahead and draft him?

It sounds like he might be ready to bank on just that.

Green-Beckham was kicked off the team last month after one too many off-field issues. Talk at first centered around him heading to a few different FCS schools so that he could keep playing, but word is now that he may sit out next season and enter the draft in '15.

Mistake? Yes and no.

He's proven he has game; enough that someone will draft him, but likely not enough for him to be anymore than a middle to late round pick. His resume is not impressive enough to warrant anything more as is.

So if he is comfortable with that it is a good decision to sit and not risk getting injured. However, if he plays with the right school he could absolutely light up the field at the FCS level and possibly become second round material.

But he could also get hurt.

It would not be surprising if he were to say Dez Bryant's draft journey is inspiring him to take this route. Bryant had to sit after an off-field issues arose, but Oklahoma State had hopes it would get him back. He wasn't sidelined till after the season started making transferring not an option.

He--like Green-Beckham--was coming off one solid season as well (although Bryant's was much, much better than his).

So maybe if it worked for Bryant to miss a season it can work for him?

If that is his logic what he's forgetting is that he ranked 70th in yards, 78th in receptions, and tenth in touchdowns. He was good, but so were a lot of other guys. Plenty of 'good players' go undrafted and never play again every year.

If he wants to insure he gets drafted he needs to play next season. Otherwise there is a good chance that he will make the biggest and most costly mistake of his life (next to getting booted from Missouri).

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