Saturday, May 24, 2014

Greg McElroy: Enough of the Excuses A.J. McCarron

A.J. McCarron successfully managed to trade places with Johnny Manziel throughout the draft process. Heading in to it Manziel was the polarizing one, but after being relatively quiet over the last year an overconfident and talkative McCarron was able to overtake him.

If he wants the haters to lay off he needs to listen to what another former Alabama quarterback--Greg McElroy--has to say.

Former Jets and Bengals quarterback turned SEC Network commentator Greg McElroy has not pulled any punches when talking about his former back-up, but now has some sage advice for McCarron.

Stop making excuses (via 247Sports).
"...I feel like he needs to stop making excuses to a certain extent. I think AJ, he’s going to go to a place, a good situation, a really good organization, and all those things will be water under the bridge and he’ll be able to prove himself worthy of wherever it is he was picked by his play."
McElroy is 100 percent right. McCarron should have stopped talking the first time he tried to respond to his critics. Getting under his skin is exactly what they want and it worked. There is only one way to silence critics--by proving them wrong.

It will be awhile before McCarron gets a chance to do so, but until that day comes he needs to quit watching Sportscenter, stop tweeting, and just play football.

Oh--and enjoy spending time with his smoking hot soon to be wife.


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