Sunday, May 18, 2014

Idiot Fan Files Ridiculous Restraining Order to Try and Keep Blake Bortles Out of the NFL

Up until now the only controversy that the first round draft pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars had to deal with occurred when teams asked him about his girlfriend. Why in the world would they need to ask anything about her (okay, it wasn't much of a controversy)?

However, if a handwritten request for a restraining order has any truth to it there may be cause for a real one.

Now before I go on let me warn you--if you are adverse to reading or hearing about things that are completely absurd and ridiculous you may not want to read on. The tale told in this restraining order paints a rather dark, evil picture of Bortles and the NFL.

It's one that either a Hollywood scribe wishes he thought of first or someone who really wanted the Jaguars to draft Teddy Bridgewater. He calls himself 'Theodore Bridgewater' and is filing the motion for a felon named David Rothrock

If you want to read the whole thing (and it is quite entertaining) go here, but here are the highlights:
1. Bortles has been taking steroids and HGH for years. This guy knows because he was Blake's dealer until Blake got him convicted of a rape he didn't commit.
Wow. Apparently the NFL, NCAA, and every reporter under the sun has been seriously dropping the ball for Bortles to get away with this (not to mention the NCAA and NFL drug testers).
2. Bortles is HIV positive and the NFL is aware of this.
Again--wow. So now the NFL is complicit?
3. Bortles is planning on killing the former dealer after some bad people do things to him with brooks and force him to do 'other things' to transvestites.
Read the filing at the link. It's pretty graphic.

4. Don't bother asking the dealer about it because he is mentally ill and will just deny it.
So basically you better trust me and grant this restraining order because there is no way to prove anything I say. Stupid.

I get being a fan and liking certain players. Heck, I was looking forward to the Dallas Cowboys drafting Johnny Manziel and not just because of the circus that it would have produced (instead I'm just becoming a part-time Browns fan).

But this is just plain dumb. For shame Theodore. For shame.


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