Saturday, May 10, 2014

Idiot Yankees Fan Tackled Hard After Storming Field to Get a Hug From Derek Jeter [VIDEO]

I don't get it. Why do some of these fools spend the money to go to a professional sporting event only to miss the ending, get arrested, and be laughed at by millions of people online? In the case of this idiot it was in order to get a hug from Derek Jeter.

Because why wouldn't Jeter hug some random fan that was interrupting the game?

via Twitter

I hesitate to do this, but I have to give the moron a little bit of credit. In whatever state of mind he was in he had the sense to get one of his buddies to walk behind him and record his dash for bro-love for posterity.

It's still not a great vid since it was from a cell phone, but it's a whole lot better than the cell phone video we normally see of things like this from the upper deck.

In case you were wondering--Jeter didn't hug the moron so it was all for nothing.

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