Thursday, May 15, 2014

Incredible Stat Shows How Dominant the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan Have Been

One argument that will never die among fans and the media will be whether a team and/or player deserves to have the mantle of greatness placed on them. Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs have been in these discussions. Some say they are just a really good team; others call the Spurs a dynasty.

Whose right? Well--this stat may sway the argument one way.


Typically one stat after another is trotted out in these discussions--titles, wins, honors, etc.--in attempt to prove a team and player's worth. The Spurs have definitely had their share of those, but this one is different, and in my opinion tells us a lot more of the team's greatness:

So in 17 seasons the team has only spent 43 days with a sub .500 record. As for the 43 playoff series--that's averaging the semifinal conference round every season for the last 17 years and in more than half of them going to the conference finals!

Now how awesome is that?

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