Monday, May 26, 2014

Mo Williams Claims He Faked a Beef With Troy Daniels During the Portland/Houston Series

What an idiot. Yeah--there is no better way to describe Mo Williams and his logic in messing with Rockets rookie Troy Daniels than that.

He's an idiot.

Williams is claiming that he was trying to get inside his head and mess up his game; that he was being strategic.

Okay, but let's examine who he was trying to be strategic against.

Troy Daniels was called up from the D-League where almost every shot he took was from behind the arc in late February. He played all of eight minutes in the March. By the end of the regular season he had played in five games and a grand total of 76 minutes.

Cleary Daniels wasn't a huge part of the game plan for the Rockets having barely played, but Williams felt the need to get inside of his head anyway.

Yeah right.

Hmmm...or maybe he was just trying to act like he was a more cerebral player than he is in hopes that someone will pay him a little more since he's opting out of his contract and becoming an unrestricted free agent.


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