Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nick Saban Unaware A.J. McCarron Played with Injuries at Alabama

The hole just keeps getting bigger for A.J. McCarron. After reports that he was downgraded in the draft by many due to his cockiness and attitude he tried to present himself as a team player by stating that he played injured a lot during his days with the Crimson Tide. Where he messed up this time was when he insinuated that his playing with injuries was known by the coaches.

As could be expected, someone asked Nick Saban about McCarron's injury claim.

This is what he had to say:
"Well he never said any of those things to me," Saban said.
After refuting McCarron's claim (to the best of his knowledge) he continued on about McCarron and what he thought of the job he did at Alabama:
"All I know is he did a good job for us. He was a good leader on our team and a good person. I think sometimes people get characterized in the wrong way. I certainly think this was the case in some ways here."
Putting words in another person's mouth is never a good idea, and whether McCarron intended to so or not it certainly appears like he did. So instead of clearing his name he just made it look worse.

Somewhere along the way McCarron started to rub people the wrong way, and every time he tried to respond to the criticism he just dug himself a bigger hole. If he wants to get out of it he needs to do one thing.

Stop talking. Stop talking and just play football--just like he did at Alabama.


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