Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nick Saban Tells Reporter to 'Kiss My *ss' When Asked About Pat White's Allegation [VIDEO]

Next to losing, one of the crappiest things that a college football coach has to deal with are questions over alleged improprieties that occurred before his time. Thanks to former West Virginia quarterback Pat White's claim that he was offered a Corvette to come to Alabama that is exactly what he had to do.

And in typical Saban fashion the comments were priceless.


It's understandable that the reporter would ask Saban about it. Should it be something that the NCAA were to investigate it would be his program that would get sanctioned. At the same time--he wasn't at Alabama at the time Pat White was recruited (he played at West Virginia from 2005-08).

Most coaches would have said something generic about how it's bad if something like that happens and how it certainly doesn't now. No, this is Nick Saban and he doesn't believe in pandering to the press.

He calls them out for their BS without hesitation.

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