Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Paul George and Roy Hibbert are Cool--But How About David West?

Roy Hibbert bounced back in a big way for the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night with 28 points and nine rebounds; good enough to lead the team to an 86-82 win over the Washington Wizards. It was hands down his best performance in months, and one he attributed to the guy he doesn't have a beef with (Paul George) taking him fishing.

So maybe he needs to go fishing with David West next.

After the game Hibbert credited his revival to spending the day on the water Tuesday fishing with Paul George. Either the quiet on the water allowed him to clear his head and get rid of some demons or the two were able to have it out over the rumors George had 'relations' with Hibbert's girlfriend.

Whatever they said or didn't say it appeared to work for at least one night. However, it still looks like there is still some bad blood between Hibbert and West. After this and one it looked like West went for the fist bump and was left hanging.

Was it just a fist pump maybe?

I don't think so. You can see once Hibbert walks by him he has a 'WTF?' look on his face and his fist is still up there.

After the kind of season that they had it would be a shame for the Pacers not to make it back to the conference finals. So if there is anything between Hibbert and West maybe George just needs to take them fishing.

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  1. Maybe Roy didn't see the attempted fist pump? Why don't you find a real story to write about? Don't you think Roy having a big game deserves more of your attention than your rumor talking points? Sheeez!