Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pepsi World Cup Soda Machine Easily the Coolest Pop Machine Ever! [VIDEO]

As cool as it would be to go to an event like the World Cup it is with great sadness that I have to say this--I will not be going to Brazil next month when the best soccer teams in the world face off and battle for worldwide glory. Since folks there tend to throw toilets out of the stands and shoot of AK-47s after goals I can honestly say I'm okay with that.

But then I heard about this Pepsi soda machine with a video game in it!

In honor of the World Cup Pepsi has created a soda machine with an interactive video game built in. Fans can test their soccer skills on the machine, and if they are good enough they can even win free soda!

They only made 20 of these bad boys and distributed then around the world. So if you are a gym teacher, nutritionist, or parent concerned about overweight kiddos finding another excuse to play video games too much you can relax.

All of them are in another country with the exception of one in Dallas--and its at the airport.


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