Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rams WR Kenny Britt Posts Sex Video to Instagram

Kenny Britt must be happy with what he is getting paid from the St. Louis Rams this season--because the fool is never going to see a dime in endorsement money after his latest stunt. Yes, the numerous arrests and drug issues have already made it hard, but his latest stunt pretty much guarantees it.

He posted a sex tape to Instagram.

He's (or IG) has already taken it down, but if you really want to see it you can follow this link to Deadspin and check it out. To be fair, you can't tell it's him, but with his track record of questionable behavior it isn't hard to believe he would do it.

With the news taking the internet by storm you have to think that the "I was hacked" excuse will be coming soon. If not, Kenny may be getting a call from Roger Goodell in the near future.

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