Saturday, May 24, 2014

Texas Longhorns Missing a Golden Opportunity With Fantasy Camp?

The idea is not a new one, but it is pretty neat. For two days in late July male fans that are at least 21 years old can have the chance to live the life of a football player at one of the most well known college football programs in the country--the Texas Longhorns.

So while the team is giving fans the opportunity of a lifetime it appears that it may be losing out on one itself.

Coming up in late July Texas Longhorns fans will get the chance to go through a practice, weight room session, dinner with the coaches, etc.-- if they have $2500 burning a hole in their pockets that is.

Call me crazy, but I doubt the team will have trouble filling the spots.

It will be a great way for the team to add to the coffers, but I have to wonder if the team is not getting everything it can out of this.

A new NCAA rule change allows teams to pay players for working these camps. Teams can't use specific players to promote the camp, but they can know pay them what will undoubtedly be a carefully monitored and structured wage.

In the past players would be asked to volunteer and high school coaches from across the state would be invited, but with all the attention that has been given to the financial plight of some college athletes the door has been opened for teams to give the kids some work.

It appears that Charlie Strong's camp is going to be run by coaches--no players. For $2500 you probably do want to have adults putting you through the process and not a kid that is learning the ropes himself. At the same time this would have been a great chance for the team to give some of the guys a chance to make some legitimate money.

Maybe they will be. The rule change prohibits teams from advertising that a specific player will be in attendance (but it says nothing about referring to players in general terms). So maybe to be on the safe side the team is choosing not to say anything at all about players working the camp just to be on the safe side of the NCAA.

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