Sunday, May 4, 2014

What in the World has Become of Tim Lincecum? [PHOTOS]

It wasn't that long ago that the San Francisco Giants thought they had the next great thing in young Tim Lincecum.

Yes, this guy.


Within his first three years in the league he certainly had the resume of a future hall of famer: 2x Cy Young winner ('08 and '09), NL shutout champion ('09), 3xNL strikeout champ ('08-'10)--the accolades could go on and on for this guy.

This guy.

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Fans shouldn't worry though. Timmy hasn't gained a pot-belly overnight somehow. He was just doing his best Bruce Bochy impersonation during the Giants weekend series with the Braves.

Yep. Just having a little fun.

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  1. Love Lincecum but would love him a lot more if he took off his silly mustache!